Fibre - L Band Head End Equipment

Global Professional are proud to introduce a range of fibre to L band products designed for use in head end systems for the distribution and convertion of L Band to Fibre to L Band. Our head end products can be used to allow simple design of distribution systems which can be easily upgradable without the need for costly RF Amplifiers or system design re-caculations. Ideal solutions for Engineer departments wishing to distribute mutliple L band signals across broadcasting sites.

Additionally Global Professional are able to offer L Band to fibre single mode rack mount solutions ideal for Uplink Stations. Individual transponder frequencies can be converted to a Fibre and transmitted over lengthy distances. Our solutions are also wideband covering 250MHz to 2300MHz.

Fibre to L Band Converter Shelfs.

The Fibre L band converter shelf accepts a standard Fibre 1310 input and convert's this to a customer specified number of L band outputs upto a maximum of 24 in a 3 U shelf. Each shelf has full redundancy Power supplies and is force air cooled. These units are idea in SMATV head ends or in large scale distribution systems for commercial broadcasting monitoring applications.


Customer is able to specify number of L Band outputs required per shelf in blocks of four L band outputs.

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Fibre/L Band converter shelf

Fibre Splitter Shelves

Global Professional offer a range of 19" Rach mount fibre splitter shelves from 4 in 16 out throught to much larger splitter shelves and with various I/P and O/P configurations.


Wideband L Band to Fibre (Rack mount) Distribution System

Global Professional have recently introduced a rack mount wide band (L Band to Fibre) conversion system. The system can accept a L band input from 230MHz to 2300Mhz, which is converted to fibre before being fed into a distrbution system.

Ideally suited for uplink stations where large numbers of transponders can be converted from L band to Optics before transport across site. Fibre cable distances of upto 4000m are supported. Typically one L Band converter shelf can support upto 30 L band inputs , each carried on a seperate fibre cable. Conversion back to L Band is done on a reciprical rack mount shelf. Additiuonally we offer a Head end converter unit capable of interfaceing directly to your ODU LNB. The system can then distribute the outputs to upto 900 points if required. All systems are designed and built to order. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.