Rigid Waveguide


We offer a range of standard Rigid Waveguide components that have been designed to offer electrical and mechanical specifications suitable for most microwave system designs.

The Rigid waveguide components include Precision Straight Waveguide, Precision and Compact Bends (E and H plane) and Precision Twists. Alternative designs for Twists, Bends and Straights to individual customer requirements are available on request. The PS, PB and PT series of rigid components are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All Rigid Waveguide Components manufactured with the full range of International Flange Styles, as shown in the Flange Catalogue, and can be offered with alternative plated finishes on request. All Rigid Components are offered with an attractive, hardwearing, epoxy paint finish. We can offer the following types of rigid waveguides (for more information see data sheet):

  • Precision Straights
  • Precision Bends
  • Compact Bends
  • Precision Twists

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