GPS 2 Way Active Splitter


The Global Professional GPS Active 2 way Splitter has been designed to allow the signal from a GPS antenna to be shared between two receivers.

The unit is configured to insert a  DC voltage to the antenna via a solder feed through.Voltage required must be specified when ordering.

Both output ports incorporate a 200ohm dc load to simulate an Antenna DC current draw.

DC is loaded to both outputs.

Available in 'N', 'F', 'BNC' & 'SMA' Connector configurations

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GPS Splitters can also be supplied as rack mount solutions up to 32 outputs if required. Additionally  multiple combinations can also be supplied within a single rack solution.

Weight 0.4kg
Frequnecy Pass L1 1575.42MHz L2 1227.60MHz
Through Loss 0dB +/-0.5dB
Port to Port Isolation +20dB
Supply Voltage 12 -24V DC
Max DC Current Handling 1 Amp
Current Consumption 60mA
Dimensions 116mm x 66mm x 26mm