GPS 2 Way Passive Splitter


The Global Professional GPS Passive 2 way splitter has been designed to allow the signals from a GPS Antenna to be shared between two receiver's. The unit could also be used as a combiner.

The unit is configured to pass a DC from port one receiver through to the antenna port. The second port incorporates a 200Ohm DC load to simulate an antenna DC current draw and is DC blocked to the Antenna.

Available in 'N', 'F', 'BNC' & 'SMA' Connector configurations.

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GPS splitters can also be supplied as rack mount solutions

Weight 0.25kg
Frequnecy Pass L1 1575.42MHz L2 1227.60MHz
Through Loss 4dB
Port to Port Isolation >20dB
Dimensions 90mm x 80mm x 30mm