GPS Rack Mount Solutions

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GPS Splitters & Combiners

Global Professional offer a range of GPS splitters to allow the signal from a GPS antenna to be shared between multiple receivers. The range comprises both passive and active equipment. If required our 19" rack mount splitter configurations can be expanded to in excess of 100 inputs/outputs. The active units can be configured to insert a DC Voltage (5V as standard) to the antenna port. All other ports incorporate a 200 Ohm DC load to simulate an antenna DC Current draw. Dual redundant power supplies are fitted as standard and a wide range of connector options are available.

Active Splitters

Product Part Number Data Sheet
4 Way Active GPS Splitter SG-SP4/A*-DCI-φ Download Datasheet
8 Way Active GPS Splitter SG-SP8/A*-DCI-φ Download Datasheet
N Way Active GPS Splitter SG-SPN/A*-DCI-φ Information upon Request

Passive Splitters

Product Part Number Data Sheet
4 Way Passive GPS Splitter SG-SP4/P*-DCI Download Datasheet
8 Way Passive GPS Splitter SG-SP8/P*-DCI Download Datasheet
N Way Passive GPS Splitter SG-SPN/P*-DCI Information upon Request