High Stability Converter


The Global High Stability 70MHz to L Band Upconverter enables monitoring of 70 or 140 MHz Bus of uplink and downlink stations using an inexpensive, L Band input, receiver. In addition to upconversion, the unit can also perform downconversion of either the 1070-1180MHz or 1270-1380MHz band down to 70MHz —140MHz. The unit is particularly useful where the receiver being used does not have sufficient AFC range for the standard Global Upcon to be used or when lower data rates are being used. Test Spectrums can easily be produced, for factories and receiver test facilities, by combining the outputs of two of the HSU Upconverters. The Upconverter is available, either, in a 1U rack mount chassis or as a modular unit for "building in" or toolbox use. For extra precision an external 10MHz reference input option can be specified.


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