Product code: RS1Z19/F801058-PRO
Our Ku LNBs employ PLL circuits to provide robust performance with options for electronic  Band-switching to cover the full 10.7 to 12.75 GHz Band in a single unit
  • Full Ku Band frequency range in two switchable bands
  • Band Switching with 22KHz tone
  • PLL - Typical local oscillator with internal +/- 25 ppm reference
  • Input Transmit reject filtering
  • compact lightweight form factor
  • CE and RoHS compliant

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Code RS1Z19/F801058-PRO
Weight 0.18kg
RF I/P Low Band 10.70Ghz - 11.70GHz
RF I/P High Band 11.70GHz - 12.75GHz
IF O/P Low Band 950MHz - 1950MHz
IF O/P High Band 1100MHz - 2150MHz
Local Oscilator Freq. 9.75GHz & 10.6GHz
Switching Control 22KHz Tone
Supply Voltage 10V - 24V