Variable Frequency Agile Converter


The Global Professional Agile Frequency Converter is a low cost, high performance upconverter and downconverter, upconverting frequencies from the 70-140MHz band up to L-Band or a 70MHz wide band down to 70-140MHz from the 970MHz–2170MHz band.
It is often used to enable monitoring of the 70MHz output of a modulator using a low cost L-band receiver or it is also used to generate test signals for factories and test/repair facilities and can be used with analogue or digital signals.
This product is mainly designed for monitoring and therefore has no image filtering installed. - Synthesized, low phase noise LO
- Upconversion: 70MHz - 140MHz Input, 50 or 75 ohm
- Downconversion: 970MHz –2170MHz Input, 50 or 75 ohm

We can offer the variable frequency, agile frequency converter also as a rack mount solution.
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Weight 0.75kg