The Global Professional Wideband Fibre Link is designed to transmit L-band, as well as UHF and VHF signals covering a range from 50Mhz to 2350MHz up to 10km over a single mode fibre.

The transmitter unit can be supplied DC powering or DC blocking. Furthermore, the product can be offered with FC/PC, SC/PC or LC/PC fibre connectors. In addition, a point to multipoint transmitter can be supplied. The unit offers automatic gain control within the specified input power range.

Point to Multipoint allows one transmitter  system to supply upto 32 optical receivers via a passive optical splitter.

Power supplies for both Transmitter and Receiver can be ordered from our web site or alternatively sourced locally.
PSU requirement is 12v-20v  500mA.  Connector requirement 2.1mm Female plug.

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Weight 0.455kg
RF frequency range 50 - 2350MHz
Nominal impedance 75Ω
Return Loss 9dB
Input power (Tx) 60dBμV to 85dBμV